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In June our monthly value is DETERMINATION. We will be learning to take on challenges and reach for the stars. On Monday June 19th, we will be welcoming The NED Show to our school. The NED Show is a character education program that centres around three important messages that have a lifelong relevance: Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. During the assembly, the children will learn about the importance of these three life skills while also enjoying story-telling, magic, humour and yo-yo tricks. There will be a letter out shortly explaining the show with an order form for anyone who would like to buy one of the special NED yo-yos. Please click on the following images if you would like to find out more.


Throughout May we have been learning about 'cooperation' and we have focussed especially on the word 'TEAM'. This is an acronym for 'Together Everyone Achieves More'. This month the children were all asked to contribute to a collaborative piece of work for the display board in the corridor. The following links are film clips that we shared and discussed in assemblies.

           The Minions working together - 

                   Two bugs help a caterpillar  -              

            It takes skill and practise to work together! - 

             To cooperate we all have to pull together - 


During April the theme has been 'Empathy'. The children have been challenged to think about stories that are in the news and decide which stories touch them. The stories that touch our hearts reveal what we truly care about and the things we have empathy for. There has certainly been a lot going on in the news recently and plenty of people and events that we can support, as well as ongoing issues with the way people treat our world and the animals that live there!

In March, the Milton Mount value was honesty. By looking at the story of Pinocchio, the children have thought about how it feels when you don't tell the truth. look at these pictures and see what you think! They have also thought about if you should always tell the truth. Everybody 'nose' that honesty is the best policy, but there are times when the truth hurts. Sometimes people tell a 'white lie' to make someone feel better - it is not always easy to tell if this is for the best or not.

The children are also finding out about one of the articles in the 'United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child' which states that 'every child has the right to reliable information from the mass media'. There are so many fake stories on the internet; it is important that we keep our children safe from those who may not be who they say they are online.

In February we considered our differences and how we can all work together and be supportive of others. The theme was tolerance. Our display featured colourful fish all swimming together. 'We may all be different fish, but in this school, we all swim together'. The children at Milton Mount are genuinely very caring in nature and believe everybody shoild feel included. They dislike any unfairness in the way people are treated and understand people can in many ways be different. Tolerance of people with different faiths and beliefs is one of the fundamental British Values which we care about at Milton Mount.


Throughout January, in assemblies, we learnt about 'self-belief'. The children were asked to rise to challenges and get beyond the feeling 'I can't' and change it into 'I can'. With self belief we feel more positive about ourselves and achieve more. We are also starting to do some more 'P4C', or 'Philopsophy for Children'. We asked questions about what happens when we do not believe in ourselves. P4C is an opportunity for the children to come up with questions based on a picture, quote, film or other stimulus. They are then encouraged to choose one question to discuss as a group in greater depth. The children are constantly surprising us by their thoughful responses.

This December we challenged the children to show their 'LOVE' by carrying out 'Random Acts of Kindness' each day in the lead up to Christmas. Suggestions included complimenting someone, writing a thank you note, putting some coins in a charity bucket, smiling at everyone they saw, tidying up other people's mess and holding the door open for others.

In November our monthly value was 'EQUALITY'. As a Rights Respecting School we believe everybody has equal rights regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, ability or family background. UNCRC Article 2.  As it was antibullying week in November, we focussed on showing respect for others and speaking up against bullying. Go to the Anti-Bullying Page for more details. 

In October our new Milton Mount monthly value was 'Listen'. In assembly time we thought about how we learn by listening; how we should speak up so we can make change happen and we need to remember to take time to listen to others and use our ears. The children added to the the corridor display. 


These are some of their comments: listening is learning; you should listen to everyone's opinions and thoughts; look at the person speaking and switch your brain on; you have to listen to the person that's speaking because it might be very important; listen actively, or you might not know what to do; you should listen to everyone - teachers, adults and children; we listen to friends; listening is learning for life; when you listen, you learn; when you listen, you might become someone that gets what you are doing - and understand - you will be good at what you're doing... and be successful!       

We have started the new school year thinking about DEMOCRACY. Children are busy thinking about who they would like as their new School Councillors and Rocking Rights Respecting Reps. Each class is writing their own set of class rights to go alongside the School, Lunch and Playtime Charters. Check out your class's Class Charter once they've been put up on the Rights Respecting Schools page. (All the other charters can also be found on the links at the bottom of the Rights Respecting Schools page!)

For the final three weeks of the Summer Term we had a new value - COURAGE. In school we supported the children as they transitioned to new classes. We organised them to meet their new teachers and spend some time in their new classrooms and working areas. We also considered how we should have the courage to try new things and challenge ourselves to reach for the stars, just like many Olympians!

In June our monthly value was 'freedom': being able to make choices, using your voice to say what you think and freedom to work independently. We talked about the responsibility that comes with freedom and that while we are free to make our own decisions about what we do or say, we need to follow rules to keep us and others safe. We linked this with the British Value of 'Individual Liberty'. The children found out about the 'right to have their say in all matters affecting them' which is Article 12 in the United Nations Convention for the Right of the Child (UNCRC). 

We always like to celebrate diversity in our community. This month, in an assembly for Key Stage 2, the 'Young Interpreters' have told the rest of the school what they do for some of the children for whom English is an additional langauge. The children have also been busy collecting and creating photos to demonstrate 'Diversity' in our school during May. They were all displayed in the corridor on our 'Monthly Values' display. 

In April we learnt about 'Self Control'. We thought about how sometimes we we feel so excited we can forget how to behave. Have you ever tried NOT popping bubbles? That shows amazing self control! We spent some time thinking about the film 'Inside Out' where Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear are in charge of a young girl's memories. Sometimes we have to work hard to feel brave or choose to do the right thing even when we are tempted, or we don't want to.


Although we had only just started looking at 'Forgiveness' the children were very sweet, when it took an extra day to put up the new values display. Here is a before and after photo of their response.


In February the children have investigated and shared their knowledge of different faiths; thought about what faith is to them and considered how they can have faith in others. They certainly had plenty of ideas on our values board!


January kicked off with the challenge to reach for the sky and be resilient. Even the youngest children soon learned the word resilience. They thought about how making mistakes makes us learn and how we can help each other to 'keep going'.


In the lead up to Christmas, with the school value of 'Charity', the School Council have introduced the rest of the school to the work of Coco's Foundation - our chosen charity this year. This charity carries out different projects including Build4TheFuture, Food4Life and Clothes4Clothes. Coco's Foundation aim is 'to make the world a better place for young people full of hope and happiness through choice.' See the following web link for more details.

In addition, the children have been busy making Christmas paper chains to decorate one of our more local charities, Open House, Crawley. 


We spent November thinking about compassion, which the children really took to heart!

The children busily wrote their own definitions of compassion on hearts as they passed the display in the corridor.

One child even created her own leaflet on what she thought compassion was all about. She wrote, "Compassion is something that if you give it, you get it back. Compassion is standing up to bullies. You have a voice - spread compassion." It really sums up what a lot of the children have been saying as we have worked on this important value!

In assemblies we thought about how we can do something to help make things better when someone feels hurt, we reflected on Remembrance Day, we asked the children to use their voices to stand up to bullying and met John and his guide dog, Baker.


In October, we concentrated on respect. We thought about who we respect, what we respect and how we show respect.


We kicked off this year by looking at responsibility. The children got very busy creating their class charters, voting for School Councillors, Antibullying Ambassadors and volunteering for roles such as Young interpreters. 

Everybody has thought about how they can use the computers responsibly and stay safe online. 

We have also been looking out for people who have shown they were being responsible and given them responsibilty awards.