Our school uniform is a green sweatshirt or cardigan and grey trousers or skirts. 

Girls may wear summer dresses with green/white checks or stripes. 

PE kit is green or white shorts and a white t shirt. Children will need a pair of plimsolls for PE. PE kit should be brought into school every Monday and left there all week. 

Children will need a book bag and PE bag. 

Sensible shoes are necessary for winter and wet weather. Boots should be not be worn all day; a pair of shoes should be brought in to change into. 

Sandals should be sturdy and sensible and suitable for running in the playground. Flipflops and heels are not permitted. Sandals should be black, brown, navy or white. 

Outdoor coats should be hard wearing and have a strong loop for easy hanging. Part of the curriculum takes place outside in all weathers. It is therefore important that your child comes to school on rainy days with a light raincoat and suitable footwear. 

All items must be clearly marked with your child’s name. Name labels are available to order. Please re-mark labels where the name tag has fallen off or worn away. Reception children cannot recognise their own clothes and all items look the same. 

Uniform needs to be ordered in advance.

On line ordering

Payment for uniform my be made online if you have registered. Please note that the order is then placed by school staff and that a minimum number of items has to be included on each school order. There may therefore be a delay of several weeks before your order arrives. We hold very few items of uniform in school. However book bags and PE bags are always available.


  1. Uniform order list