Year 1 - Acorn

We have been learning to write a recount. We went outside and did lots of fun activites and the next day we wrote about what we did using the time words.


We have been learning to compare height. We got ourselves in height order and spoke about who was the tallest and who was the shortest. 



This term we have been looking at 'The Gingerbread man' story. We have been designing and making our very own gingerbread men. They were so tasty!







In PE we have been learning how to skip. We have had lots of fun practising this!


In maths we have been learning about position and direction. We were helping Simon find his diary by giving him directions!


In maths we have been learning to recognise and name 3D and 2D shapes. In planning time we sorted the shapes and tried to label them!

In maths we are learning to partition numbers. We had a go at partitioning some numbers in planning time on our own!


We are learning about human and physical features in geography. We drew a map of the Gingerbread man story and labelled the different features we could see. We even had a go at creating our own maps!





We are looking at the story “We’re going on a bear hunt”. We went on a bear hunt of our own.




We are learning to sort materials and find out what objects are made from. We had fun exploring the different objects and materials!



In English and computing we were learning to order instructions and film a video. We used the Ipads to film us making jam sandwiches and we edited them on moviemaker. We had lots of fun making and eating our jam sandwiches!