Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Meet the team:

Team Leader: Mrs T Groves (Silver Birch)

Teachers: Mr B Dempster (Mountain Ash)

PPA Cover:

Teaching Assistants: Mrs M Petrow


French Fashion Show

We have been working hard over the past term to learn the vocabulary for colours and clothes. We put on a fashion show, having learnt how to describe our outfits. We spoke clearly and with confidence to keep our audience engaged.



Alfred Wallis

We have been learning about the artist Afred Wallis. We discovered that he enjoys painting images of the sea and his work is rather childlike - 'naive'. He focusses on atmosphere through his use of colours, brushstrokes and oversized objects.


'Stay and Learn'

Thank you to everyone who came to our first ‘Stay and Learn’ session! This was an opportunity to join your child in the classroom for a 25-minute study time session at the start of the day and participate in their learning with them.



Windmill Hill

In September, we went away on our week long residential at Windmill Hill PGL. Over the course of the week, we took part in 14 different adventurous and exciting activities. Some our most favourite activities included Aeroball, Fencing, Raft Building and Zipwire. We developed our skills of resilience, patience, independence and confidence. We showed how fantastically we can work in teams to support each other to achieve our goals and some of us even conquered our fears. It was a wonderful week and, after lots of singing on the coach back to school, we were definitely ready for a warm bath and long sleep. We would recommend Windmill Hill PGL to everybody!







Meeting information and details of this term's learning are below.

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