Year 6 - Silver Birch

World Book Day 2016

World Book Day took place on Thursday 3rd March. We met with Apple Class to listen to the younger children reading their books. We helped them to develop some of their reading skills by helping them be more confident when reading aloud and to read with expression. We also discussed their book and what they thought would happen next.

Buddy Class - Spring 1

We met with Apple Class to share our learning from Spring 1. They shared their wonderful writing and we were really impressed with their sentences and handwriting. We shared our WW2 work, including our poems, and they enjoyed listening to them.



We have been looking at poetry, including the use of effective imagery and figurative devices. To kick start our learning, we learnt and performed a poem by Brian Moses called I'm Walking With My Iguana. We worked together in our groups to rehearse and perform for an audience. It was noted during the feedback that they had good rhythm and it was rated 10 out of 10. We hope you enjoy watching the performance.

Buddy Class - Autumn

We met with Apple Class to share our learning from the Autumn term. It was great to talk to them about their artwork and space booklets while we looked at our coastal leaflets, Alfred Wallis paintings and English work with our buddies.



RRS Charters

We have written our class charter, using the UNCRC articles to ensure we are thinking about our rights in school.