Year R

Welcome to Reception

Meet the team:

Team Leader: Miss L Gates - (Ducklings)

Teachers: Mrs L O'Connor & Mrs K Walton (Owlets), Mr G Lewins (Goslings)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Murphy, Mrs J Milligan, Mrs L Stroud



We have loved learning about minibeasts! We explored our woodland area to find out what minibeasts live there. We had to look closely to see what the minibeasts look like, how they move and where they live. We had to be really careful when we found a minibeast so we didn't hurt it.


After we investigated the minibeasts we found, we learnt more about some different types of minibeasts in books.

Here we are learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We watched a video about this, then looked at different pictures and thought carefully in order to put them in the right order. Then we acted out the life cycle! We started out as little eggs on a leaf, hatched into caterpillars and thought hard about how we could move our bodies like a caterpillar. We then wrapped ourselves up into a chrysalis and after a while, emerged as beautiful butterflies! We dried our wings and enjoyed fluttering around the hall.


We enjoyed learning about minibeasts so much that we wanted to help them by making our very own bug hotel! The bug hotel would be a home for all the minibeasts in our outside area. We started by going to look at the bug hotel in the forest school to see what we would need. We collected twigs, sticks, pots and bottles to put in our bug hotel. The minibeats like lots of things they can hide in!


Then we set to work to build our hotel. We added all the things we had collected and also planted some flowers that the minibeasts might like. We're very proud of our hard work, and we've already spotted some minibeasts in our hotel!



On our first day learning about Superheroes, all the teachers dressed up! They had invented their own Superheroes and made costumes themselves. They told us all about their different powers and how their costume helped them do super things! They showed us how they made their costumes, and how they had to try hard to adapt their ideas when they didn't work the first time. 

Then it was our turn to design our own Superhero costumes! We thought about what Superhero we wanted to be and drew a picture of our design. We drew and wrote what we would need to make our costumes and then set to work. We had to think critically about how we could construct our designs, and adapt our ideas along the way if they didn't work. Look at the results!


                                      Blaze                                       Batgirl                            Jellyfish-man


                                                                             Rainbow girl


When our costumes were finished, we went to the hall for a Superhero parade to show everyone our hard work! We flew around the hall and imagined we were Superheroes coming to the rescue. We were very good at supporting our friends and giving them a big cheer.



World Book Day

We loved bringing in our favourite book in celebration of World Book Day! We were lucky to have some visitors from our buddy class to come and read with us. We were all able to talk about our favourite book, and enjoyed drawing pictures and writing about the books during the day. We had to think carefullly about our favourite character or our favourite part of the book and use our phonics to help us write what we wanted to say. 





A visit from a Firefighter

As part of our learning about people who help us, we had a visit from some Firefighters! We learnt all about what they wear and how their clothing and equipment help them in their job. We thought carefully about questions we wanted to ask the Firefighters and had a great time trying on their uniform!




Singing at Lanehurst Gardens   

A group of our Reception children recently sang for the residents of Lanehurst Gardens.




We enjoyed meeting the Owls when Owl Time visited us




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